Lendlease is disrupting the corporate space for the greater good of professionals.

Imagine if you could work in a ‘local’ office near your home, without having travel into the CBD to company headquarters – cutting travel time, boosting productivity and instilling a sense of community in the process? 

Sound too good to be true? It isn’t … Barangaroo precinct employees with a proximity to Manly have been increasing their productivity, boosting their sense of wellbeing and churning out some of their life’s best work – all within a stone’s throw of one of Sydney’s most iconic beaches. And it’s all thanks to the ‘Local Office’ – a concept designed to provide an office away from the office.  

Feedback from employees in Sydney indicated that the inability to ‘get in the zone’ or work from home was a source of stress for many. The solution? A flexible workspace better designed for focus, conducive to work-life balance and designed to inspire clarity of thought.  

The flexible corporate co-working space complements the main office, allowing employees the freedom to sometimes work closer to home, reducing commute-time and boosting productivity – by a staggeringly-work-efficient 96%.  

The Local Office also increased performance by 98%, job satisfaction rose 74% and loyalty spiked by 94%. It’s a fact that a positive work environment correlates directly to mental state, and 55% of participants felt the Local Office experience vastly improved their physical and mental health.  

Not only that, the membership-only aspect meant like-minded Lendlease employees shared the space, ensuring the flexible work environment also stretched their social and professional horizons.  

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