What is The Local Office?
The Local Office is a new initiative in Corporate Co-working. It is a business lounge style space where  people who would usually work from the city can come to get some headspace and complete deep focus work. The Local Office has been designed to be a calm, tranquil place of work incorporating biophilic planning into the workspace to ensure you get the most out of your day here. 
What is the best way to use The Local Office?
We encourage our members to intentionally schedule in advance a whole day to work at The Local Office. This allow people reserve the time in their calendar and prepare a set of deep thinking or high-focus tasks best suited to The Local Office environment. 
Where is The Local Office located?
Our pilot office is located at 38 Sydney Road, Manly, 2095.
Are there plans to open The Local Office near me?
Yes! We are currently looking to expand our operation to the different sectors of Sydney. 
Do I need to seek authorisation from my company to work at The Local Office?
This depends on your company. Providing they are a tenant of a Lendlease managed asset you are welcome to come and check it out! We are actively encouraging people to refer others and bring colleagues along too to see if it is right for you. 
Designing your ideal day at The Local Office

There has been an abundance of research completed over the last few years relating to how you can be your most productive best in the workplace and a lot of it comes down to how you design and plan your ideal workday. 

  • Healthy day check list  
  • 7 to 9 hours of sleep 
  • Eat breakfast 
  • Walk 10,000 steps 
  • Target 30 minutes of exercise 
  • Connect with a friend 

How can I secure a desk for the day at The Local Office?
You can start your free trial by emailing [email protected] and secure a space. If you are a paying member then you will have access to our members portal, enabling you to manage your own bookings as you please. 
Who works at TLO?
A variety of different companies that are corporate clients of Lendlease, along with Lendlease employees 
How do I connect to the internet and my company network?
As The Local Office is used by a variety of companies, we have a high speed wifi network that you are able to connect to. Once connected you can utilise your devices VPN, the same way you would at home or when you work on the go. 
Where can I make phone calls or join video conferences?
We do have a small meeting pod that is available to create a sound barrier between yourself and the rest of the office. We also encourage users to take advantage of the offices location and make the most of the outdoors! There are some suggested walking tracks available in close proximity to The Local Office. This aligns with our focus on incorporating dynamic movement and an increased step count providing numerous benefits to both user health and wellbeing and divergent thinking. 

In 2020 we are about to install two small phone booths at The Local Office in Manly and we will look to roll these out across our future sites as well. 
Can I meet colleagues/team mates at The Local Office?
Absolutely, however keep in mind that The Local Office is a place to do more deep focus, individual work rather than collaborative. With this in mind, it is expected that users will be courteous in relation to noise level as to not disturb other users.  

As mentioned, we do have a meeting pod available for use that provides a sound barrier between the rest of the office. This can seat up to four people at a time. 

If you would like to reserve the office for a team day, please let us know and we will be happy to assist with set up options, catering and providing info on the offices audio visual capabilities. 
Is there somewhere in the office to do confidential work?
The office does have pod style workstations which are best suited to more confidential work. The Office is open plan, however the pods have dividers to ensure other users cannot see what you are working on.  

There is also the meeting pod mentioned above which provides a sound barrier to the rest of the office if phone calls or video conferences are confidential. 
What do I need to bring?
All you need to bring is your device, and its power pack. We have monitors available at some of our workstations if an additional screen is required. 
What are the health and wellbeing benefits?
There are numerous health and wellbeing benefits working at The Local Office, smaller commute times for example will reduce stress. There are complimentary healthy drinks and snacks on site for our users and we actively encourage walking breaks & meetings. We have maps of the area with some suggested walking tracks in the vicinity. 

Throughout 2020 we will be hosting events for our members and guests that are designed to educate and improve your health and wellbeing, keep an eye on your inbox for these invites! 
What is the dress code at The Local Office?
The dress code is corporate casual, we want to create a relaxed yet professional environment for all of our users to enjoy. 
What are the different seating options?
The Lobby - light, bright, standing height desks with open, biophilic design principles.  

The Lounge - comfortable, regular height desks, furniture and work stations. 

The Den - quieter, carpeted area with individual work stations and focus pods. 

What amenities are on offer at The Local Office?
The Local Office has healthy snacks and drinks, free wifi and lockers, making it the ideal space for you to be at your most productive best. 

All locations are selected because they are part of vibrant and dynamic communities. We encourage all our members to ‘think local’ and support the communities we choose to live and work in. 
Is there parking available nearby?
Yes there is plenty of parking in Manly and it’s surrounds. We are located next to a council carpark that is free for the first two hours and chargeable from then on. Residential streets are typically the best bet if you hold a Northern Beaches parking permit and are looking for full day parking nearby. 
What are the operational hours of The Local Office?
The Local Office is open from 8am to 6pm each business day. If you require space outside of these hours, please feel free to reach out. Flexibility and work/life balance are at the heart of The Local Office concept, so we will endeavour to accommodate any specific requirements as best we can. 
What are the different membership options for The Local Office and what are the costs associated?
There are a range of membership options available. From packs of day pass to share or subscription to a frequency-based membership to enable regular weekly or fortnightly usage. Please contact us to chat about options and your specific requirements.